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November 26th, 2001
Orange County, California - Scharf Creative Services agrees to provide Point Of View, Inc. with real-time 3D art assets including four unique football stadiums for NFL Blitz 20-03, for Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube.
October 15th, 2001
Orange County, California - In an attempt to diversify into creative and technology businesses beyond the entertainment software industry, Eric M. Scharf has started his own graphics studio, Scharf Creative Services (SCS).
"Scharf Creative Services, founded by Eric M. Scharf, is a computer graphics developer. We specialize in building Real-time 3D and CG art assets of all kinds. We also produce 2D imagery, including character design, environmental design, and concept art for traditional marketing, the entertainment software industry, and web-based initiative. Whether you need consultation for product concepts, art production pathways, 3D graphics, or a concept-to-completion virtual production studio, Scharf Creative Services can provide you with the right solution."
September 25th, 2001
Orange County, California - Eric M. Scharf completes work with Exakt Entertainment, LLC on Supercar Street Challenge for Sony Playstation 2 and the PC.