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December 11th, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - READ the National Defense article about A Force More Powerful.
December 10th, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - FIVE new-and-long-overdue editions of The Genuine Article are now available for your reading enjoyment at The Genuine Article!
December 9th, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - The Scharf family wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year for 2009!
October 12th, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - The first edition of the Genuine Article is here!  Check out the new Genuine Article section of this site for more details.
September 20th, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - The Genuine Article will be a regular column displayed here at written by Eric M. Scharf and covering a variety of topics. Stay tuned for the first edition!
September 1st, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - Eric M. Scharf's mission with UTV - Ignition Entertainment, Ltd. has concluded.
Eric has resumed his focus on Scharf Creative Services, providing in-depth managerial, outsource, production, and development services to clients throughout the greater computer software industry.
June 15th, 2008
Gainesville, Florida - Eric M. Scharf and the SCS team (Sean O'Connor and Wan Chiu) have completed their outsource contract with Vince Ota and Y.K. Script delivering the goods for one of Vince's latest product campaigns, Norton Fighter, developed for Symantec Corporation!
This international campaign theme is immediately being utilized for all Symantec software products in Japan and the greater Southeast Asian region. Norton Fighter is also slated to begin appearing in European and U.S. markets in due course.
April 2nd, 2007
Owings Mills, Maryland - Eric M. Scharf will be parting ways with SiTEL towards the end of this month to become the Executive Producer of the maiden first party development studio for UTV - Ignition Entertainment, Ltd. (located in Gainesville, Florida).
Eric will be partnering with a talented team using Epic's Unreal 3 game engine technology and producing an unannounced title for simultaneous release on the PC, Sony PS3, and Microsoft Xbox 360.
Eric wishes the MedStar Health / SiTEL group nothing but success as they continue with the development of their groundbreaking burn patient management training simulator!
January 23rd, 2008
Owings Mills, Maryland - Eric M. Scharf's MedStar Health / SiTEL serious games team has moved up in the world, from the clinical environs of Washington Hospital Center to the executive surroundings of the Intelsat building, which borders the D.C. and Chevy Chase areas.
If you look closely, Intelsat, which was designed after the Saturn V rocket, very much resembles an FPS game environment.
January 2nd, 2008
Owings Mills, Maryland - Eric M. Scharf has agreed to team up with an old CalArts colleague and friend Vince Ota, and his company, Y.K. Script, based out of Tokyo, Japan to provide outsource project management expertise and 3D art assets for his latest major product campaign. Stay tuned for more details!