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Eric M. Scharf
Senior Creative Management Specialist
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Review Our Contact Policies Below
Regarding inquiries from business entities seeking to hire Eric M. Scharf / SCS herein referred to as 'SCS' (including business principals, business hiring managers, talent recruiters, and hiring agency representatives):
The following steps are designed to level set on:

A) Potential correspondence regarding social media connections with SCS or new product / project opportunities for SCS.

B) The depth of information SCS reasonably expects to receive from interested, contact-initiating parties regarding potential new opportunities.
1) Phone inquiries for the express purpose of presenting an opportunity in lieu of sufficiently-detailed social media or email communication for that opportunity will receive no response. No exceptions.
2) Introductions via social media (e.g. LinkedIn) are welcome.
3) Responses to introductions and acceptance of invitations will be at SCS's discretion and per availability.
4) Introductions via direct email describing the specific purpose(s) of your business inquiry are also welcome.
5) Communications from any of the following inquiry categories may receive no response.
  "Your information was in our database" inquiries
  Inquiries displaying vague purpose / details such as:
       "Part of a team that wears multiple hats"
       "Assumes other responsibilities as needed"
       "Startup environment and all that is entailed"
  Inquiries displaying poor grammar and spelling errors
6) Requests for assistance in identifying resource candidates for potential hire by a recruiter's client are welcome. If after inquiring (and / or after stating "If you are not currently looking, please share this job description with someone you know who may be a fit") the following informational deficiencies still exist, you may receive no response.
  Reward-for-hire terms are not clarified up front:
     Payment method
     Payment amount or percentage split (in USD)
     Payment timeline:
          On DOH (Date Of Hire)
          Or 30 / 60 / 90 days from DOH
  The provided job description is incomplete or vague
     Quality candidates require quality descriptions
  The client's preferred DOH is not clarified:
     Ideal candidate may not be available for desired DOH
7) Opportunity accuracy is a critical requirement for candidate, recruiter, and client alike (all of whom deserve an equal chance to succeed). Carefully review the in-depth content of this web site versus the high-level content of SCS social media profiles before sharing any opportunities.
SCS must research the products and services of potential client companies before approaching them with proposals (focused on perceived business gaps), and hiring entities are encouraged to perform the same due diligence on the expertise offered by SCS.
8) Opportunity inquiries for NEW projects should include reasonably detailed, non-confidential information on each of the following business requirements for serious consideration.
  Introduction describing the sender / sender's firm
  Confirmation of sender as principal or representative
  How you learned of SCS (referral / social network)
  Familiarity with SCS's background and expertise
  High-level opportunity statement
  Opportunity type (contract / CTH / FTP)
  Opportunity location (onsite / remote)
      If relocation to onsite is required:
          Confirm if relocation assistance is provided
          Confirm relocation assistance amount
          Confirm assistance disbursement method
  Opportunity length if contract (3-6-9-12+ months)
  Opportunity goals
  Opportunity requirements
  Expected load of simultaneous products / projects
  Product / project types assigned to said role:
      Mobile app / video game / web-based app / website
  Operating systems:
      For which product / project is being developed:
           iOS / MacOS / Android / Windows / Other
      On which product / project is being developed:
           MacOS / Windows / Other
      For which product / project is being developed:
           Apple / Google / Microsoft / Samsung / Other
           Playstation / Xbox / Wii-U / Switch / Other
  Number of direct report resources to said role
  Resource types (onshore / near shore / offshore)
  To whom said role would be regularly answerable
  Travel requirements (locales / regions and how often)
  Success metrics and conversion timeline if CTH
  Success metrics if-and-for contract extension
  Opportunity compensation (salary range / hourly rate)
  Onboarding requirements:
     For principal or hiring agency (examples here)
  Interview process (steps / types / locations)
  Set expectations for interview process timing
  Preferred DOH (fixed date / range of dates)
  Official point-of-contact (if not sender)
9) Opportunity inquiries for IN-PROGRESS projects must include reasonably detailed, non-confidential information on all line items in point 7 above and each of the additional business requirements below for serious consideration.
  If a fixed DOH for the role, identify the driver(s)
  Role incumbent status (promoted / vacated / leaving)
  If role incumbent vacated / leaving, confirm status of:
     Client / stakeholder current disposition
     Client / stakeholder awareness of pending change
     Client-approved production methodology
     Product / Project team current morale
     Product owner (if using an agile methodology)
     Knowledge transfer plan
     Project documentation (examples here)
     Discovery phase
     Source control for all project disciplines and assets
          Existence and condition of source control
          Existence and condition of assets
10) The initiating principal / recruiting representative (in conveying any potential opportunity) is reasonably responsible for:
  Performing pre-contact due diligence
  Setting transparent, end-to-end expectations
  Fulfillment of business requirements in points 7 and 8
  Ensuring the best experience-to-opportunity match
11) While SCS does collaborate with Information Technology (IT) related businesses when specifically required for a given project SCS does not provide IT services.