Eric M. Scharf has been a part of the greater software and interactive media industry since 1991, and he has a BFA in Character Animation from CALARTS (California Institute of the Arts).
Through various capacities and production methodologies, Eric has helped frame the concepts, shape the development approach, and guide the market presence of a wide variety of software products, both domestic and international, entertainment and business, consumer and enterprise, covering a broad spectrum of genres, spanning several mainstream hardware platforms.
Eric’s familiar platforms and environments include Apple (iOS / MacOS), Android OS, Microsoft Windows / Windows Mobile, Super Nintendo / Nintendo GameCube, Sega Genesis / Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation (1, 2, and 3), Microsoft Xbox / Xbox 360, as well as proprietary location-based entertainment (LBE) systems.

Eric’s product delivery experience covers a range of commercial, retail, and non-profit product types and themes – including gaming software (AAA, entertainment, serious / simulation / training, edutainment, casual, and mobile), and virtual worlds, as well as digital business / marketing solutions (independent, responsive, CMS-based e-commerce sites, enterprise productivity software, and gamification apps).

Eric’s management background provides a solid end-to-end solution. Strong executive leadership, strategic planning, and effective communication (from internal to vendor partnerships to client-facing to public relations) delivered on the frontend. In-depth oversight (of studios, products, risk assessment, operational development, team building, global outsourcing, contract negotiations, production pipelines, process improvement, budgeting, and scheduling) delivered on the backend, along with user experience design, creative direction, and usability testing in-between.

Eric’s management approach is one of information flexibility towards all stakeholders – from clients and investors to executives and development supervisors to production staff – with a laser focus on building, maintaining, and continuously refining an operational infrastructure into which all moving parts can cleanly fit.

Eric maintains regular contact with personnel on all levels at all times – to confirm communication, comprehension, and collaboration quality. Eric uses metrics gathered from that regular contact as the foundation for ongoing decisions on product scope, personnel, vendor partnerships, and client relations.

Eric is the results-oriented conduit between clients, core product development disciplines, and post-production partners for the careful shepherding of product ideas, refined production methodologies, and a clever market presence – from concept to completion.

If you are looking for someone who can manage your promising concepts and resources into (more) successful long-term results, Eric M. Scharf is an established leader and respected manager who can deliver for your personnel, your products, and your company.