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Who Has DIBS On Your Company? - Part 6
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March 16, 2011
By Eric M. Scharf
DIBS - Delivered

DIBS transcends business – as it is useful in companies large and small, in locations rural, urban, national, international, and intergalactic.

DIBS is a state of mind that delivers a well-rounded, innovative system of checks and balances which can be applied to all components of your business.


DIBS delivers the ability for your business to compete against the competition rather than many of the mistakes you could have possibly avoided.

DIBS is a far reaching methodology that delivers for me, delivers for my clients, and can deliver for you . . . but it does not deliver by itself.

DIBS is as challenging in practice as it is rewarding in delivery.  There is no "DIBS button," and the "Easy button" is exclusive to the Staples brand office supply chain.

There are plenty of people in the world who say they want the best, most reliable, strongest, and fastest . . . and very few people who take pride in building a business that can deliver it.


There are plenty of companies in the world who say they want to be true innovation leaders . . . and very few companies who do anything more than attempt to duplicate or improve upon the latest innovations from true innovation leaders.


Innovation may be something kind of different or something entirely new but – make no mistake – plenty of DIBS-powered opportunities await the latest new business owner who wants to prove how genuinely serious they are about bringing true innovation to a marketplace still starved for it.

While all things in business are relative, the one common element among all business people and the only prequalification for DIBS to deliver is willpower.  Great innovation and wonderful success do not exist without the willpower to make them happen.


It goes without saying that you need additional willpower to maintain your nerve in the face of strong competitors which may be operating with greater resources and greater market share . . . and which may be more than willing to flood the market place to see if your business will tread water or fold.


It takes still greater willpower to turn down seemingly lucrative buyouts from larger businesses that recognize the potential of your innovative product to dominate the competition if it is ever allowed to translate from trade show demo to marketplace mauler.

If you have the willpower to start a new business – or the willpower to continue with an existing business – then you should have the willpower to build it (more), maintain it (more), and grow it (more) to last as long as you live . . . or until you retire to seriously enjoy the fruits of your success.

Whether your business is privately or publicly owned, it represents you in public. Your business should be a personal source of pride and a public source of inspiration to other established and potential business owners. Current economic conditions aside – personal pride dictates that you owe your business, your investment of blood, sweat, and tears no less dedication.

No one goes into business to achieve average results or failure unless that person is mentally unstable, or that person is a scam artist using the business as a front for something crooked.

While some people prefer to be managed by others, a larger number of people dream about being their own boss and creating products desired by all.

Plenty of people go into business with the desire to be in charge but without the responsibility of being in charge. Some of those same people have the capacity to take on complete ownership of their business, and others could not lead or manage their way out of a cardboard box.

While a fear of responsibility is not something you want to have on display when pursuing your own business, a fear of failure – in the face of a truly challenging project or a range of strong competitors – is healthy, natural, necessary, and it keeps your efforts towards business ownership and success as true as possible.

If you are of stable mind and determined willpower with a business dream to bring to life, DIBS can ride shotgun with you in your vehicle for success and deliver you to the Promised Land.


DIBS is for everyone – no matter your level of business experience, your style of doing business, or the size of your business. It does not matter if you are an old school business owner who deals in big box retail packaged products – or if you are a new school shop owner specializing in the development of various downloadable mobile apps for iPhone iOS and Android OS.


DIBS is even good for the independently wealthy – some of whom appreciate resource management and others who are more encouraged by the phrase "wealth maximization."


DIBS – no matter your standing – starts and ends with your willpower and your desire to get the most out of your public persona, your personal investment . . . your business.

If you are struggling to steer your business boat – if someone within your ranks is not handling the Development of Infrastructure and Business Strategies for your products and services, then, the question begs:  Who has DIBS on your company?



If you want your new business to start out on stronger footing – or if you want to give your existing company a fresh direction – feel free to contact me at  I can have DIBS on your company and help you find the right solution as soon as possible.


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